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Raja's Filippa

S*White Treasure's Joelle, SBI a

Blood group: Hetrozygot A (A/b)

Sire: IC White Treasure's Easy to Love, SBI e 21
Dam: CH Backkara's Frosted Chrystal, SBI c

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Backkara's Moonlight Lady

Idp*Backkara's Moonlight Lady, SBI a 21

Blood group: Heterozygot A (A/b)

Sire: Backkara's Jet Set, SBI c 21
Dam: Backkara's Happy, SBI a

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Raja's Filippa

S*White Treasure's Kandy Heart, SBI a

Blood group: A

Sire: Bandit's Elliot, SBI n
Dam: IC Raja's Filippa, SBI j

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DE*ocus Pocus vom Perlenmeer, SBIn

Blood group: A/A

Sire: Quintin von Milschstasse, SBI b
Dam: Gioia Rebella vom Goldsteintal
, SBI n

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Raja's Filippa

Idp*Backkara's Go for It, SBI g 21

Blood group: Hetryzygot A/b

Sire: IC White Treasure's Easy to Love, SBI e 21
Dam: Backkara's Fancy, SBI c

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Backkara's Frostad Chrystal

IC Idp*Backkara's Frosted Chrystal, SBI c

Sire: Backkara's Knock Out, SBI a
Dam: Södermalm's Afrodite, SBI c

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Raja's Filippa

GIC DK*Raja's Filippa, SBI j

Blood group: A/a

Sire: Backkara's Gigolo, SBI e
Dam: DK*Von Frey's Joeline Joy, SBI c

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Katthagen's Love Conquers All

S*Ida's Bellman, SBI n 21

Sire: Linéahusets Apricot Lykke, SBI e 21
Dam: Ida's Cecilia Beretta, SBI n

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NL*Yann van de Meybas, SBI b

Sire: NL*Davino van de Meybas, SBI a 21
Dam: NL*Megan van de Meybas, SBI n

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